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    How to Choose a Camp Chair?
    07.06.2021 | airmoom | Camping

    After a daylong adventure away from camp or along the trail, you’ve earned a comfy place to perch. Chair designers have gone a little wild in recent years, so you have a lot of options for your downtime gear.

    When choosing a camp chair, consider the following factors:

    1. End use: For backpacking, weight and packed size are the key stats. For front country camping, comfort is what matters most.
    2. Size/height: If you need a roomy chair, bigger is better. Low chairs are nice for concerts and uneven or sandy terrain. High chairs are easier to get in and out of.
    3. Design preference: Options include classic, two-legged, three-legged, rocker, glider and more. If an innovative chair is intriguing, give it a sit test before you buy it.

    Three women sitting around a campfire in camp chairs