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    How to Choose a Hammock?
    04.29.2021 | airmoom | Camping

    Hammocks have become serious hangout gear for the outdoors. Sightings of these colorful slings hovering between trees are becoming more and more common. For some, a hammock is the ultimate chill-out spot. For others, it takes sleeping under the stars to a whole new level. If you’re thinking about getting a hammock, we can help.

    When choosing a hammock, consider the following factors:

    1. Size: The main difference here is single vs. double; most people choose a double for comfort, not necessarily because they plan to hang with a friend.
    2. End use: For backpacking, weight is the key consideration; for camping and hangout time, durability matters most.
    3. Accessories: You need a suspension system (straps) to set it up; other popular options include an underquilt for cold temps, a tarp for rain and a net for bugs.
    4. Hammock tents and sleep systems: Hammock tents usually include a hammock and all the accessories needed for sleeping overnight. You can also build your own system, starting with a hammock, and then adding accessories later to create your own backcountry or camping shelter.

    Two people sit in a hammock in the woods