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    Portable Inflatable Bathtub



    1."S" Shape BackrestComfortable and full design, in line with the principle of ergonomics.

    2.Adhesive Pad & Thermal CoverAdhesive pad can easily stick the heat preservation cover to the bathtub, and keep warm for longer holding time.

    3.Telescopic BuckleAfter adding water, the tension of water will force the bathtub to appear slight deformation, which is a normal phenomenon, and the buckle can effectively prevent it.

    4.Material & Heat PreservationAdopting PVC environmental protection material, the inflatable layer can prevent the heat loss, and block the cold wind outside at the same time, so as to keep warm, so it is more reliable to use.

    5.Folding StorageAfter folding, it can be placed in small space such as desktop, drawer and toilet.Easily foldable and storage, you can enjoy spa time anytime, anywhere just by pumping it up.Specification:


    Inflatable Bathtub


    Environmental PVC



    Outer Size

    165 x 85 x 45 cm/65" x 33.5" x 17.7"

    Inner Size

    116 x 56 x 44 cm/45.7" x 22" x 17.3"

    Fit Person

    <175 cm/90 KG


    1.To avoid sharp objects or chemicals.

    2.Inflatable moderation, 80% is recommended.

    3.Do not pour the boiling water (<50℃) directly into the pool, to avoid damage to the pool, you should first pour cold water and then pour the hot water.

    Package Included:

    1 X Inflatable Bathtub+Electric Pump




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