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    3-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

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    Tower Fan + Misting Fan + Air Cooler Wrapped in One


    air cooler offers 3 ways to cool and refresh your space in hot and dry weather. Unlike air conditioning, our 3-in-1 cooler chills the temperature in an airy space by absorbing the heat through moisture evaporation to deliver a refreshingly pleasant breeze.

    • 1.85 gal. reservoir
    • 800ml/h moisture output
    • 500m³/h air flow
    • 60° oscillation


    • Fanning, Humidification & Cooling: More impressive than a standard air cooler, it is a 43-inch tower fan with 3 speed and running settings, a humidifier with 800ml/h moisture output, and a swamp cooler generating a naturally cool breeze; works well if you already have an AC at home, as it circulates air with a velocity of 19ft/s to cool down your space quicker
    • 7L/1.85 Gallon Water Tank: The tank’s large capacity allows for longer usage time to efficiently increase humidity; add water or frozen ice packs into the water tank and turn on the humidifying mode to immediately blow out a moist and cool breeze to beat dry air; avoid excess moisture by adding ice cubes instead of water
    • Quiet & Auto Shut Off LED Display: Under sleep mode, this portable cooling fan with a timer (30mins-10hrs), an auto shut off LED display, and low noise (less than 46.5dB) will quietly supply fresh and moist airflow on hot nights
    • Widespread Coverage: 43-inch air evaporative cooler releases cold wind at an appropriate height, while the 60° oscillating angle covers a wide area; the evaporative air cooler is not as strong as an air conditioner, it blows out cool wind to cool your body however it cannot quickly lower the temperature of a large space
    • Easy-Care Cooler: Our low-maintenance evaporative cooler is a cinch to clean due to the removable water tank, back filter, and cooling pad – no need to dismantle the entire machine like traditional fans
    • Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving: Differing from air conditioners, our air cooler absorbs heat via water evaporation and in turn delivers a chilled airflow, a great choice to save electricity on hot days; fluoride-free treatment could protect the atmosphere and environment
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