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    Desktop Air Conditioner for Home Office

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    Product Information:

    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
    Color: white
    Rated voltage / frequency: 220V/50HZ
    Cooling capacity: 1100W
    Heating capacity: 800W
    Rated current: cooling 1.6A / heating 1.7A
    Rated power: cooling / heating: 360W
    Maximum input current: 2A
    Maximum input power: 440W
    Maximum working pressure on the suction side/exhaust side: 0.05/1.25MPa
    Maximum allowable pressure on low pressure side / high pressure side: 0.05/1.25MPa
    The maximum working pressure of the heat exchanger: 1. 78MPA
    Circulating air volume: 80m/h
    Body size: 460x255x230mm
    Noise: ≤38dB(A)
    Anti-shock protection category: Class I
    Refrigerant: R134a/120g
    ●Free installation, easy to install, convenient to use
    ●Fast cooling
    ●USB fast charge
    ●Independent dehumidification
    ●Intelligent timing
    ● night lighting
    ●Small, easy to carry
    ●Touch remote control
    ●Low noise, peace of mind and sleep
    ●Low consumption, power saving, environmental protection
    Application: Dormitory / Outdoor Sentry / Office / Public Dormitory
    How to use? (Instructions)
    ● Plug the plug into the standard, and when the “--” in the middle of the indicator light is on, press the power switch to start. Press the “Time 1” and “Time +” keys to set the temperature you want. The temperature can be cycled from 17°C to 35°C. The digital flashes. After 3 seconds, the computer automatically records and the system defaults after booting. °.
    ● Press the time button to set the working time of the machine. From 1 to 12 hours, it can be set cyclically. Each time you press it, it will increase by one hour. When the machine works until the time you set, it will stop automatically. The system defaults to 9 hours.
    ● It is best not to use the machine for more than 10 hours per time. Please let the machine have a certain rest time. When the temperature is too high, the compressor will take a break and then start automatically. This is normal. There is no special situation. Please use the machine with mosquito nets!
    ● Check if the water outlet pipe is blocked by debris. If it is blocked, please clear the debris to ensure that the condensed water inside can flow smoothly. In addition, put only the bucket under the tube and catch the condensed water. When the water surface is close to the end of the water outlet, please dump it in time.
    ● Put a stool on the side of the bed, put the machine flat on the top, adjust the height of the machine, just put it into the casing of the mosquito net. Note: the end of the air-filled end is inserted in the summer, and the end of the heating is placed in the winter. . At the same time, the outlet pipe next to it is exposed.
    ● When you need to heat up, you can use it once you change it.
    ● Exhaust pipe installation: Install the joint of the exhaust pipe at the square port of the air outlet. The heat pipe should be smooth upwards. Do not deflect or turn the 90 degree sharp bend to facilitate the discharge of hot air.
    Package included:
    ●1 x Air conditioner
    ●1 x Remote control
    ●1 x Copper wire plug
    Warning: The hot air outlet of the main unit is ≥0.6 meters away from the wall.
    ● After the machine is bought back, please let it stand for 2 hours and then turn it on. After each stop, please wait at least 5 minutes before turning it back on.
    ● Do not use a stick or the like to extend into the air conditioner. The air outlet is very likely to cause an accident when the wind turbine is running at high speed.
    ● Do not allow mosquito nets or other items to block the air outlet of the machine in the mosquito net. The air outlet of the machine outside the mosquito net is at least 60 cm away from the wall.
    ● Do not rinse with water, it may cause electric shock, short circuit, etc., please wipe the air conditioner with a soft dry cloth.
    ● Do not use the following items: hot water (≥40 °C) can use the water heater to deform and fade the air conditioner, gasoline, paint ,benzene and polishing agent, etc. These items will deform and scratch the air conditioner.
    ● Do not let the cold air blow directly on the body for a long time, which may cause physical discomfort or damage to health.
    ● Do not climb or suspend the pile on the air conditioner for a long time. If the machine falls over or the item falls, it may cause personal injury and other accidents.
    ● Clean when not using the air conditioner for a long time. Before maintenance, please unplug the power cord to ensure safety.


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