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    Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

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    1. Extreme Heat Resistant Material:

    Gloves oven mitts are made of the highest fire retardant gloves material available with kevlar/aramid/silicone and can withstand 1472 Fahrenheit (800 centigrade).

    2. Forearm Protection & Rope Design:

    The long sleeve protects your forearms while reaching deep into your oven, BBQ grilling or using as fireplace gloves. The rope design makes the kevlar gloves easier to hang on and storage.

    3. Cut Resistant:

    Made with cooking industry SE Level 3 Cut Resistant Fiber so you can keep working with knives or sharp utensils while holding hot pots, pans or plates.

    4. Flexible & Comfortable to use:

    Lined with comfort inducing cotton inside, it is soft to touch and comfortable to wear, smarter than the bulky silicone gloves.

    These BBQ gloves' comfortable contact temperature(F)(C) and Threshold Time in Second(s):

    • 1472Fahrenheit (800centigrade) for 13 seconds
    • 932Fahrenheit (500centigrade) for 18 seconds
    • 662Fahrenheit (350centigrade) for 23 seconds
    • 302Fahrenheit (150centigrade) for 60 seconds


    1. Please always take great caution when carrying hot items over a distance! Even though glove is heat resistant, is not meant to hold hot items for too long. Please seek medical advice immediately after scald.

    2. Please DO NOT use the gloves on naked flames directly!!! You need to be at a distance from the flame. The temperature of naked flames is not stabilized, which will be easily greater than the max heat-resisting temperature of gloves. These are HEAT RESISTANT, NOT "FIREPROOF".

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