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    Lily Pad Float Water Mat

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    Have fun on the shore using our 3 Layer Floating Water Pad Foam Mat; ideal for the whole family. Our Floating Water Pad Foam Mat is perfect for entertaining and leisure in water parks, pools reservoirs, beaches and the sea. 


    Easy To Anchor & Clean - You may use the 5' bungee cord to tie the floating pad to a dock or another fixed surface to keep it from floating away. Simply use some soap and water to easily clean the foam mat and preserve its vivid colors.
    Tear-Resistant And Durable XPE Foam - Made of three layers of high quality XPE rubber, our floating mat has strong tear resistance and puncture protection. Plus, the XPE foam is non-toxic and odorless.
    Roll Up For Easy Storage - With a weight of only 5.5 lbs, this floating water pad is lightweight and simple to use. Two storage loops are used to help protect the floating pad after rolling it up for quick transportation. 

    floating water mat


    1x Floating Water Pad Foam Mat


    Color: Random
    Main Material: XPE Foam With Center Tear-Stop Waffle Weave Texture Layer
    Accessories: 2 Velcro pillow straps, 1 buckle strap for storage
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