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    Oil Bottle Brush With Cap

    • Food-grade silicone brush head, easy to clean, high temperature resistant, transparent dust-proof cover, bottle glass manufacturing, straight barrel design, comfortable grip.
    • The bottle size is 14.3 x 6.3 cm/5.6 x 2.5 inches, it is an excellent kitchen tool for baking, cooking and grilling.
    • Use our brush bottle and you will not over-sauce or over-oil your food again. This kitchen tool puts you in control to apply just the right amount of flavor for your special dish.
    • For cooking oil in the kitchen, brush lightly to evenly brush the oil on the surface of the pan. It is resistant to high temperatures and can be used in a frying pan. The immersion type can also be used for brushing jam and sauce.
    • It can be used for baking cakes, brushing jam, brushing honey water in the home barbecue tray; also used for outdoor barbecue, steak brushing oil, fried eggs, etc.
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