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    Pickup Truck Tailgate Table



    The Tailgate Table is a trailer hitch supported table that takes less than a minute to set up and you don't need a single tool!


    The Airmoom Tailgate Table is a portable table that you take with you, and use wherever you go, anywhere your heart desires, well... anywhere your heart desires as long as you’re in a vehicle with a trailer hitch! Not a single tool is needed!

    The Hitch Table is perfect for:

    The beach, NASCAR, camping, fishing,

    marathons, school events, road trips, parks,

    outdoor concerts, the river, trade shows, picnics

    job sites, parades, football games, tailgating,

    horse shows, birding, b-bque's, hunting,

    the mountains, sports, the desert, family time and anywhere outdoors, even in your own driveway!

    Why is our table so awesome?

    Takes less than a minute to set up

    The table has a custom lifted edge to keep items from rolling off the table and 4 recessed cup holders to keep your beverages from spilling.

    No tools are needed

    Weighs less than 17lbs, yet can hold up to 170lbs.

    Easy to travel with, set-up, remove and store.

    Table is durable and easy to clean

    Each Airmoom Table comes with an "Airmoom" beach umbrella, for FREE, which is positioned above the table.

    Height of the table is designed to let you sit on the tailgate and use the table. However, you can also stand .

    Can be used anywhere, in all types of weather or terrain.


    17lbs, yet can hold up to 170lbs.


    1 x Pickup Truck Tailgate Table


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