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    Portable BBQ Handle Electric Blower

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    Product features:

    This blower is easy to carry, use it when the barbecue is fired or feels that the fire is not enough. Shake the handle of the blower and blow the wind directly onto the fire. The wind concentration effect is very good, avoiding blowing dust on the face with a fan. The shortcomings of dust floating everywhere, the price is cheap, practical and convenient.


    • EASY TO OPERATE – Comfortable to hold, fast igniting barbecue carbon, no need to blow coal ash everywhere, barbecue environment can be kept clean
    • GOOD FUNCTIONALITY – helps to ignite coal faster and easier, speeding up combustion
    • It is convenient for charcoal grills, barbecues, bonfires and fireplaces, perfect for outdoor barbecues and picnics.
    • Quickly heat barbecue fire, coal and wood. Control dust and sparks
    • Comfortable to hold, not restricted by the power cord, easy to use


    ABS new material, stainless steel


    1 × Portable BBQ Handle Electric Blower

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