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    Molecular Cuisine Smoking Gun

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    --The smoking gun is the perfect companion to both your creativity and presentation skills in the kitchen or home bar. Infuse your food with classic aromas like hickory or Applewood or with creative flavors like teas, spices or dried flowers . --It is excellent for infusing smoky flavours into food. The heat is contained in the anodized aluminium smoking chamber resulting in cool smoke. Compact infusion system makes it gentle enough to use on food without changing texture or temperature. --2xAA Battery operated for use anywhere(Batteries are NOT included). Assemble or disassembles without tools. Easy clean by wipe or water, but dishwasher is not recommended. --The smoking gun quickly makes smoking with various types of wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers. It takes only 3~5 minutes to add cold smoke flavor and aroma finish to food or drinks. --Traditional smokers are expensive and take up a lot of space. Our portable food smoker can give you the same effect at a fraction of the cost and time. It delivers precision smoke house style effects, helps infuse smoky flavors into your food. --Portable and lightweigh - Easy to carry anywhere for your BBQ, picnic, cooking requirments. Lightweigh but portable.

    How to use it:

    Step 1. Put the food in a container Step 2. Seal the container and insert the smoking tube Step 3. Put the smoked material into the smoker and press the power button Step 4. Ignite the smoke powder and fill the container with smoke Step 5. After the cigarette system has been used for a certain period of time, take out the pipe, seal the container, and wait for the smoke to settle.

    Package Include:

    1* Food Smoking Gun (Battery not include) 1* Wood Chips 1* hose 1* Screwdriver 2* Filter Mesh 1* Brush 1* instruction manual

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