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    Outdoor LED Soft Hang Lamp

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    Portable Wireless Design,Enjoy its built-in handle for extra portability at home, in the office, and even when there's no power socket around, like for camping and picnicking outdoors.

    Benefit from the built-in rechargeable battery that'll outlast your needs and expectations,Over 24 hours with the light always on at Nighttime brightness.
     Light color adapt to numerous scenes , to meet your different needs indoor or outdoor. 360° Light design effectively create a soft atmosphere.
     Lay your finger on the touch sensitive panel and browse infinite possibilities of brightness to choose from. Enjoy more of a choice with no preset levels to start with.
    Easily turn the light on / off through tapping once the touch sensitive panel placed at the top of the lamp.


    Type of Bulb:LED
    Power by:built-in rechargeable battery
    Item Weight:6.4 ounces
    Package Dimensions:9 x 5.2 x 4.6 inches

    Package Contents

    1 x Touch Lamp Camping Lamp
    1 x Micro USB Cable

    Product Instruction

    1.How to use:
    To get started, connect the round plug of the provided USB cable into the DC power jack at the bottom of the product.
    Then, plug the other end of the cable into computer, or any other USB matching transformer, for 4 hours.

    2.LED light brightness contronl:
    Press the finger lightly in the middle of the product top for around 3 seconds to adjust the brightness,and release the finger untill the brightness is at your most comfort. 

    3. Charging:
    When the touch panel or the brightness regulator is found to be out of control, it indicates the product is running out of battery.
    Charge the product as introduced in the first instruction.
    ps: You can light it on and charging it at the same time.-Lxx3159-1-Lxx3159-6-Lxx3159-7-Lxx3159-8



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