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    Small Portable Wood Burning Stove

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    Small Portable Wood Burning Stove

    Need a convenient and portable way to cook while embarking on your favorite adventures?  Look no further than Eastricks small wood stove.

    Eastricks small wood burning stove allows you to setup camp anywhere.  All you need to get your fire going are sticks and leaves making your outdoor environment your eternal fuel source.  

    Our mini wood stove comes fitted with adjustable feet, making it super easy to hold different sized pots or mugs.  This makes the task of boiling water, cooking food, or heating up your drinks a breeze.  

    Don't worry about a complicated setup as you can simply place each layer of the portable wood stove on top of each other to complete its structure.  When disassembling each layer nests perfectly inside the next so it becomes compact.

    small wood stove for sale


    • Portable Design: When you disassemble the mini wood burning stove each layer fits into itself making it as compact as possible.  (See the picture below)
    • Everlasting fuel: No special fuel needed!  Just walk outside, gather sticks, and light your fire.
    • Open Fire Capability: Remove the top footed layer to reveal an open fire perfect for cooking marshmallows or hot dogs.
    small wood burning stove for sale

    Product Description:

    • Design: Split Level
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: Diameter 13.6cm/5.35 in, height: 15.7cm/6.18in
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