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    BBQ Smoker Box

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    The perfect barbecue accessory: Fill this smoke box with your favorite mouth-watering wood chips, large or granular flavors. Then place it between the heat source of the grill and the grate, which will produce a delicious smoky flavor to enhance the grilling effect.

    Heavy-duty, thick stainless steel: The smoking box is made of thick, heavy-duty, food-grade stainless steel that can withstand a strong flame without deformation.

    Larger air outlets can produce more smoke: the cigarette box outperforms competitors with a unique ventilation design. The exhaust holes will produce more smoke and saturate the food.

    Flick, hinged cover: keep the smoke and flowing, easily add or replace wood chips, large or small particles, and then continue to smoke. To open or close the lid, simply use barbecue tongs or gloves for quick and easy operation.


    Size: 22.2x9.6x4.4cm

    Material: 430 stainless steel

    Net weight: 374g / 425g (with color box packaging)

    Packing: color box (23x10.5x5cm)

    Uses: suitable for barbecue grills, outdoor grills


    Package Included:

    1 * smoke box

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