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    Suv/Minivan Tailgate Tent - Extra Cabin for Your Car

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    vehicle camping tents, This Instant Pop-Up Car Tent Attaches To The Tailgate Of Your SUV or Minivan


    Unlike most tents that are only meant for sleeping, This Suv Tent provides you with a living room in the outdoors and offers mobility since the simple installation makes the movement possible and easy. The cubic shape allows for a 2-meter standing height making the interior a suitable space for a wide range of indoor activities. The This Suv Tent is designed for cars that have a tailgate that swings up. You are no longer limited by your internal car size. It's expansible space allow for unlimited configuration according to your programmatic needs. Thanks to the hatchback, This Suv Tent has great reliable support and it can be installed quickly. With the guy rope, This Suv Tent can even withstand a strong breeze.


    • Designed for cars that have a tailgate that swings up
    • Car door, in its "up" orientation serves as structural support
    • Diagonal ceiling tension lines prevent shear deformation while doubling as a means to hang accessories from the ceiling
    • Adaptive seal is designed so that the This Suv Tent can latch onto a wide variety of car models
    • 6.5ft high headroom space, waterproof & UV resistant for a cozy outdoor cabin
    • Expansible space allow for unlimited configuration according to your programmatic needs

    Rainproof & Thermal Solution:


    there's a car tent on the market that's even quicker to setup, and it even offers a little extra head room. it's the perfect way to get away from the bugs, heat, or weather, and offers a nice relaxing area inside for up to 4 people to sit around a table. You can even use the tailgate tent to sleep in, as it can sleep up to 2 adults comfortably while the kids sleep inside the SUV or minivan.

    The pop-up tent sets up almost instantly, as it pops open once you take it out of the bag, then you just need to insert 4 poles into sleeves on the corners for it to fully form into a cube. From there it's just a matter of attaching it to the tailgate of your SUV or minivan and making sure there's no openings for bugs to get in! In all, it takes around just 3-4 minutes to fully setup with just 1 person.
    The cube shaped car tent offers ample room inside, measuring 6.6 feet long x 6.6 feet wide x 6.6 feet tall, and offers enough room inside to even fit a table to eat at or work at, with 4 chairs around it. One of the cool features of the car tent is that it's modular, so you can park two or more cars next to each other and connect the tents together to create one big long tent where plenty of people can gather and get away from the heat or the weather to have a meal or sleep.
    Other features of the pop-up tailgate tent includes a fully waterproof flooring with thick felt carpet for extra comfiness, windows that surround the entire tent that you can open or close depending on the weather, plus all the windows have optional mosquito netting to keep the bugs out. An adaptive car seal along with a magnetic cord ensures you keep to the cool air from your cars A/C in the tent when necessary as well as keep the bugs out at night.
    The pop-up SUV tent folds down quickly and easily when you're done using it, as you can just remove the 4 poles, and fold it down instantly and it stores perfectly in a circular bag that you can keep in your car for the next time you'd like to use it. The package includes the car tent itself with a storage bag, 2 ceiling tension ropes, 4 guy ropes, 4 screw-in pegs, and 2 magnet cords. The tent is black in color with yellow borders, fits onto most standard SUV and minivan tailgates that swing up (width under 2M high under t 1.8M).
    Check out the instant pop-up SUV/Minivan tailgate tent in action


    • Color: black
    • Materials: polyester fabric
    • Product dimensions: 78.7"H x 70.9"L x 78.7"W
    • Pop-up assembly
    • Integrated mosquito netting
    • Standing height: 6.5ft (2m)
    • UV protective coating
    • Robust waterproof flooring
    • Ceiling tension ropes
    • Anchor strap
    • Adaptive car seal + magnets cord
    • Easy connect frame joints
    • Lightweight assembly rods
    • Screw-in pegs & guy ropes
    • Thick felt carpet
    • 2-layer multipurpose screen windows
    • Well-protect floor area


    • 1x Tent
    • 2x ceiling tension ropes
    • 4x guy ropes
    • 4x screw-in pegs
    • 2x magnet cords
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