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    Swimming Pool Filter Pump

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    Now unless you want to constantly be replacing your swimming pool water, which can be costly, wasteful and time consuming, you will need some sort of pool filter system to keep your water clean and clear of debris.

    Our small pool filter pump are an economical and convenient way to keep your pool water clean and conditioned. All that and it is so simple to set up !

    The swimming pool filtration pump keeps clean water circulating by pumping it out of a swimming pool, through a filter cartridge and back again.


    1. Easy set up.

    2. Helps to maintain a steady flow of clean, clear and hygienic water in your swimming pool.

    3. For use with 378L – 13,24L (100-350gal) pools.

    4. Durable, corrosion-proof filter tank ensures longevity.

    5. All accessories included.


    Name Filter Pump
    Colour Grey
    Material Plastic
    Flowrate 1135 L/hr ( 300 gal/hr )
    Voltage AC 110V,~50Hz
    Power 20W
    Interface Diameter 1.18inch

    Package Included:

    1 X Filter Pump

    2 X Hose

    1 X Set of Mounting Parts


    1 X Inflatable Pool Filter Element

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