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    Swimming Pool Spa Analyzer

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    Recommended chlorine level for pools and spa is 1.2 to 1.7ppm

    Recommended pH level for pools and spa is 7.2 to 7.8

    Dimension: Main unit:190 x 120mm

    Probe with handle: 150mm long

    Probe (only): 48mm long Cable (only): 130mm long

    Power Supply: 1 x AA Alkaline Battery (1.5V)

    Weight: 160g (excluded battery)

    Package Included:

    1 x pH and Cl2 Tester with Probe

     1 x Instruction Manual

    1 x Sand Paper

    Testing Chlorine Level:

    Recommended chlorine level for pools and spas: 1.2 ~ 1.7ppm

    1. Position the needle to your "adjustment point".

    2. Holding the tester in one hand and the probes in the other, insert the probes into the water up to the black band. Wait until the needle rests for a better chlorine reading.

    3. Leave the probes in the water.

    Test pH Level:

    Recommended pH level for pools and spas: 7.2 ~ 7.8

    1. With the probes still in the water, turn the wheel all the way to "pH" until it clicks(battery must off for pH reading).

    2. Wait until the needle rests on the pH reading.

    3. Gently dry probes and insert into the holder on the side of the tester for storage.


    1. Please don't immerse the probe in any liquid other than pool or spa water.

    2. Please rotate the switch to close position when not in use.

    3. Please store the tester in cool and dry place.


    Before you use this tester for the first time, you must adjust it to match your swimming pool or spa water with the following sequence:

    1. Test your pool or spa water using a conventional liquid test kit

    2. Record the chlorine reading level as you will need.

    3. No adjustment is required for pH.


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