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    Portable Travel Ultra-short Spinning Rod

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    • The new surf fishing rod, 30T high carbon shaft, 6 layers of carbon cloth, sturdy and durable. The fishing rod adopts an ultra-short design, and the stowed length is 40 cm to 44 cm. It can be put in a backpack for easy carrying.
    • Ultra-light long-distance bait-throwing fishing rod, the weight of the fishing rod is 128g-306g. The high-quality ceramic guide ring will not damage the fishing line. EVA non-slip handle, feel good, enlarged reel seat, resistant to seawater corrosion.
    • It is convenient to assemble and fold the telescopic fishing rod and sea fishing throwing rod. You can put it in your backpack, not only can you enjoy the fun of professional sea fishing, but you can also catch sea and fresh water and various fish.
    •  A high-quality fishing rod with multiple functions, suitable for carp fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, etc., and also suitable for various waters. High-quality fishing rods are great fishing gifts for men.
    • High-quality fishing rod, quality is guaranteed, if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to send us an email, we will reply you in time.

    Product Manual:

    1. Rotate the telescopic bait fishing rod to reduce its size by 40-44 cm.It is convenient to carry in a suitcase, and you can spend a pleasant time with your family on weekends or outdoor leisure fishing. Telescopic rod size: 1.8m, 2.1M, 2.4M, 2.7M, 3.0M, 3.3M.
    2. High-quality trout casting rod: weight 128g~306g
    3. Spin-cast bait throwing rod, sea bass rod, top diameter 1.9mm, bait weight 10-50g.
    4. There are 6 specifications of fishing rods. The detailed specifications are as follows.


    1.8M ---- Length: 173cm | Closed length: 40cm | Part: 6 | Rod weight: 128g | Handle diameter: 23mm | Top diameter: 1.9mm | Bait weight: 10-50g

    2.1M ---- Length: 205cm | Closed length: 41cm | Part: 7 | Rod weight: 149g | Handle diameter: 25mm | Top diameter: 1.9mm | Bait weight: 10-50g

    2.4M ---- Length: 233cm | Closed length: 42cm | Part: 8 | Rod weight: 182g | Handle diameter: 28mm | Top diameter: 1.9mm | Bait weight: 10-50g

    2.7M ---- Length: 253cm | Closed length: 43cm | Part: 9 | Rod weight: 221g | Handle diameter: 30mm | Top diameter: 1.9mm | Bait weight: 10-50g

    3.0M ---- Length: 283cm | Closed length: 44cm | Part: 10| Rod weight: 265g | Handle diameter: 32mm | Top diameter: 1.9mm | Bait weight: 10-50g

    3.3M ---- Length: 310cm | Closed Length: 44cm| Part: 11| Rod Weight: 306g | Handle Diameter: 33mm | Top Diameter: 1.9mm | Bait Weight: 10-50g

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